A New Breed of GSE Tow Tractor

Since 1981, Tiger has been manufacturing heavy-duty tow tractors in aviation and industrial operations. Today, Tiger’s industry-proven chassis, common parts, familiar controls, and innovative technology is modernizing ground support operations—bringing you closer to reaching your sustainability goals. Available in lithium-ion or gas, Tiger provides operators with a choice to choose your power, and a path to migrate when you’re ready.

Tiger GSE family lineup

Modernize Your Ground Support Operations

Modernize Your Ground Support Operations


Tiger Li-Ion

Requiring little to no specialized training, the Tiger Li-Ion is best for operators looking to easily electrify their established fleets with next-gen tractors — all while sporting a 100% steel body-on-frame with bolt-on chassis components.


Tiger Repower

Achieve zero emissions in a day with our all-new Tiger Repower conversion kit. Upcycle your legacy ICE tow tractors with the latest GSE technology—extending the life of your fleet, saving thousands, cutting emissions and improving safety


It All Starts Here

Lithium-ion electrification enables smart vehicle technology like anti-rollover, programmable speed controls, brake interlock and onboard diagnostics. All Tiger GSE tow tractors come standard with high visibility lights and safety seat belts.


Zero Emissions, All Power

One internal combustion (ICE) tractor emits 3,250 kg of CO2 annually. Tiger Li-Ion tractors help eliminate unnecessary pollution with zero CO2 tailpipe emissions—bringing your fleet closer to reaching your aviation sustainability goals.


Protect Your Bottom Line

Lithium-ion technology means fewer serviceable components and zero maintenance for battery and drive systems. Upgrading your traditional fuel tractor to Tiger Li-Ion can save you up to $22,172 in annual fuel and powertrain maintenance costs—an 85% reduction.

Tiger ICE heavy duty tow tractor

Not Ready to Convert Your Fleet to Electric?

The Tiger G has the same proven steel body-on-frame chassis and familiar operations as Tiger Li-Ion, but with gas-powered GSE Kubota or Ford powertrains. Join the Tiger family with gas, which will make it easy to convert to electric when you’re ready, on your timeline.


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